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What is a genomic library?

Specific human genes stored in virus, bacteria and yeast hosts no, the genes are randomly inserted into vectors. a cDNA library houses tissue-specific sequences derived from a (MORE)
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What is a gene and genome?

A genome is all genetic data of a single cell. That includes the genes in the nucleus, but also that of mitochondrial DNA.    A gene is a section of the genome which co (MORE)
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Types of DNA sequences in the human genome?

1- highly repetitive sequence :       a- satellites       b- mini-satellites       c- micro-satellites 2- moderate repetitive sequence:       a- coding     (MORE)
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What is subtractive genomics?

Subtractive genomic strategy is developed by assuming that the novel targets identified in the pathogen should be essential for the pathogen that is it should be involved in t (MORE)
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What does complete genome sequence mean?

The complete genome sequence is the classification of an organisms deoxyribonucleic acid sequence in a certain time. The classification of our DNA would help to understand the (MORE)