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Is copy and paste same as drag and drop?

No. Drag and drop is when you drag a file then drop it into the destination folder. You have moved a file from one place to another. Copy and paste is when you copy a file t (MORE)

How do you move pictures from one line to another line using the drag and drop method?

You need to drag it carefully and look for the cursor being on the correct line, before releasing it to drop it. It helps if there is a new line created by having pressed Ente (MORE)

What does a drag link do?

A drag link converts rotary motion from a crank to a second crank or link in a different plane or axis.  The term is commonly used in automotive technology for the link in a (MORE)
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What is viscous drag?

viscous drag is drag that occurs when an object moves through a liquid, or when a liquid flows past a stationary object it is a resistive force
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What does this is such a drag mean?

'It's such a drag' means that something really annoys you and troubles you and you dont like it, for e.g. school is such a drag or this exam is such a drag...
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What is drag?

the resistance force exerted by a fluid that tends to slow the forward movement of an object within the fluid; in air, sometimes called air resistance
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What is drag hunting?

  From Wikipedia:   Drag hunting is a sport in which a group of dogs (usually foxhounds or beagles) chase a scent that has been laid (dragged) over a terrain before the (MORE)

What steps transforms a drag-and-drop task to a Copy command instead of a Cut command?

** If you mean the picture(s) or word(s) is/are highlighted you can press control(Ctrl) and the letter "C" to COPY the image(s) and/or word(s). To CUT you can press control(C (MORE)