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What is drainage basin?

  A drainage basin is naturally  occurring drainage of land that channels precipitation and excess  water to a river or stream.    To read more visit the Related (MORE)
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What is a drainage area?

A drainage area is along the same lines as a watershed. It is an area of land that contains a common set of rivers and streams, that all flow in the same direction to a larger (MORE)
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What is drainage density?

For Geomorphological Study: Drainage density (Dd) expresses total stream length per unit drainage area. It depends on climate (mainly rainfall), geology, vegetation cover, e (MORE)
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What is cliff drainage?

When pipes are inserted into the cliff where rain settles more often in order to prevent more erosion and weathering occurring.

What is beach drainage?

It is when a drain is installed under a beach. it takes all the water from under the sand and either pumps it to a pump station, which takes the water back to the sea, or just (MORE)
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What is the difference between drainage divide and drainage basin?

  Drainage Basis is an area where all the rivers flow to the lowest point of elevation. Think of the Mississippi River and its tributaries, (Missouri River, Red River, etc (MORE)
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What is drainage and retention?

Retention is a controlled flow where the system is not over loaded during a heavy rain storm. The storm water is allowed to accumulate to a safe level (bearing weight) and s (MORE)

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