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What is drama?

Strictly speaking, the drama is the script, the basis for theproduction. It contains the dialogue and the stage directions whichthe other artists; the director, the designers, ( Full Answer )
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Ancient drama to modern drama?

Modern Drama Modern drama is telling you to actually stop bothering me because I have no clue what modern drama is and if the blady WIKI ANSWERS would tell me what it was, I ( Full Answer )
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What was the drama?

Drama is basically the role of acting. Usually in drama you act as someone else. Using good: posture, use of stage, actions, facial expressions and loud voices. I do drama at ( Full Answer )
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What is in drama?

dictionary- a composition in prose or verse presenting in dialogue or pantomime a story involving conflict or contrast of character dictionary- one intended to be acted on t ( Full Answer )
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What does drama do?

Improves your self confedence and helps you speak to audiences. It also helps you to become an actor/actress.
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What makes a drama a drama?

A drama performance is has the genre of drama because it's dramatic. You have to perform your lines, not just speak them.
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Why are drama masks associated with drama?

In ancient greek, where drama and the play were invented, men [not woman] would use masks in costume for their production. The famous happy looking mask and sad mask orgiginat ( Full Answer )
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What is drama and elements of a drama and terms of drama?

drama is an act. the element of drama is paper or script, actor or player and stage Drama is the script of a work intended to be performed such as a play, a film, or a video ( Full Answer )
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What is the Suffix for drama. Is it drama - ic?

Yes, the suffix that can be added on is -ic. This is of course, that you also need the t in the middle to make dramatic.