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What are dramatic techniques?

Dramatic techniques are used by the playwright to enhance meaning  and understanding amongst the audience. Dramatic techniques  include:   Speech directions Words in bra (MORE)

What is dramatic poetry?

Dramatic poetry is a form of writing that expresses emotional  feelings. It's a very creative form of art.   Poetry that simply expresses emotions is actually lyric poetr (MORE)

What are dramatic forms?

Dramatic form is the overall style the drama is presented in e.g. Play, musical, pantomime, melodrama, situation comedy, dance drama.

What is dramatic monolog?

A dramatic monologue is a piece of spoken verse that offers great insight into feelings of the speaker.
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What is dramatic situation?

A dramatic situation is one where emotions are really played up.  Someone who throws a fit and throws a soup bowl across the room  just because it has one carrot in it is a (MORE)

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What is a dramatic noun?

Dramatic nouns are nouns to be used while writing stories that add color to the narrative. For example: He's an unpleasant man. He's such a weasel. She's very nice. She's a d (MORE)