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Who is Lady Jane gray dramatist?

Lady Jane Grey was the niece of King Henry VIII (his sister Mary's daughter). Upon the death of King Edward, Lady Jane Grey, at the urging of several corrupt advisors, became (MORE)

Why rizal become a dramatist?

Rizal is a dramatist because he had wrote different dramas when he was still a student. When he was in Ateneo, he wrote a drama based on the prose story of St. Eustace, the Ma (MORE)
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Who is a dramatist who sometime writes plays?

A dramatist, also commonly known as a playwright, is an artist who writes plays to be performed live in a theater. She may write an original script or base her work on a previ (MORE)

Who was the Irish dramatist?

Ireland has a huge list of dramatists, far too many to list infull. Some of the most famous would include Oscar Wilde, BrendanBehan, Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw, John (MORE)