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Do dreadlocks hurt?

It hurts when you make them at first, of if they get really long and heavy. But most of the time they don't hurt at all.

Are dreadlocks bad?

They cause damage to your hair if not done properly, or if you want to take them out. Otherwise they are a perfectly good way to deal with your hair if that is what you wish t (MORE)

What are dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are matted, knotted hair. Dreadlocking is a natural process and can occur in any hair type. Dead locks are twisted strains of hair that over time becometangled, the (MORE)

What do dreadlocks represent?

It depends on your personal reason for getting them. They could symbolize a lesson in patience and a love for things natural if you dread your hair naturally - that is, with n (MORE)

Dreadlocks how do you get them out?

You'll have to cut your hair. like shave your head :) --This is not true. I had 10 year old locks that had grown to midback. I cut them to shoulder length and picked them a (MORE)

What are the dreadlocks on a predator?

According to the official cannon, the long, dread-lock like braids that come out of a Predator (also know as a Yautja) are sort of like hair. They could be used as a way for i (MORE)