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What is a principle of incubator?

It works on the principle that if optimum conditions of temperature and pressure are provided to organisms , then they can grow at their maximum rate.
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What is the difference between BOD incubator and incubator?

  A BOD incubator is an incubator designed to maintain 20°C necessary to perform a test called Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD). It involves incubating samples saturated w (MORE)

What is the price of an incubator?

Answer   Depends on the type and brand name of the incubator you buy.   also A home built incubator can cost just a few dollars however store bought incubators can r (MORE)

Who is the inventor of the incubator?

Answer The inventor of the incubator was a Philippine pediatrician who is Fe Del Mundo.    AnswerThe nursery incubator for premature infants was invented by Alexandre Lion (MORE)

How an incubator works?

Incubators are used in biology, hospitals, and agriculture for  hatching eggs. An incubator has a thermostat that is turned on to a  specific temperature and when the temper (MORE)

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Describe an incubator?

An incubator is a device used to maintain and grow microbiological  cultures and cell cultures. They are also used in helping grow  chickens and other poultry in place of he (MORE)

What about dreams?

Here are some facts about dreams: -about 60% of our lives are spent dreaming -dreams are not always in color -We forget most of our dreams -EVERYONE dreams Dreams a (MORE)
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What is the definition of incubation?

Incubation refers to the process of storing a biological component in suitable growth conditions and proper nutritional facilities so as to preserve it for further study or us (MORE)

What was i have a dream about?

In addition to Martin Luther king speech, to summarize the whole speech , Martin Luther king was basically talking about the rights of our people and how we all should be equa (MORE)

How can you make an incubator egg turner?

Farm supply shops sell incubators with turners inside. When turning  them by hand put a x on one side and o on the other side to help  remember if they have been turned.
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