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Who invented the incubator?

Tarnier and Martin invented the Incubator   Inspired by chicken incubators,which had been based on those  depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphs, a French obstetrician by the n (MORE)

What is incubment?

Probably you mean incumbent. The word means lying or leaning on something else; "an incumbent geological formation"necessary (for someone) as a duty or responsibility; morall (MORE)
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Function of an incubator?

Incubators are designed to supply all of the necessary environmental factors needed to grow bacteria or cells. If doctors needed to identify a particular bacterial infection, (MORE)

What is a baby incubator?

  a little bed(crib) that has a heating system and compartments for tubing to keep the baby (mostly premature ones)warm and to monitor his or her health concerns.
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What is a principle of incubator?

It works on the principle that if optimum conditions of temperature and pressure are provided to organisms , then they can grow at their maximum rate.

How do you make an incubator?

Incubators can be made simple or elaborate. You need to contain heat and humidity at a constant level. 99.5F to 100.5F heat and about 50% humidity. The simplest incubator is (MORE)
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What is the definition of incubation?

Incubation refers to the process of storing a biological component in suitable growth conditions and proper nutritional facilities so as to preserve it for further study or us (MORE)

Why is incubation done?

If your question refers to why is it done mechanically then Incubation is much more precise and reliable when dealing with hundreds and thousands of eggs. Relying on brood hen (MORE)

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