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Why was Dresden bombed?

Dresden was bombed because the British thought that it would weaken Germany and bring down there moral. The attack was lead by General Harris after Churchill ordered it. See a (MORE)

What was Dresden like before World War 2?

Before the devastating air raid of 13-14 February 1945 the city centre of Dresden had many magnificent buildings, mainly from the period c. 1680-1800. Some of the best known b (MORE)

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Why did the RAF target dresden in World War 2?

Dresden was a communications hub. Many military units passed through it on their way to the eastern front. Thus the city was bombed in an attempt to help the Red army by keepi (MORE)
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What does the last page of the dresden codex say?

It is the long count calander and it is were it says the last day of the 13th bouktou.
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Dresden Files - 2007?

The cast of The Dresden Files - 2007 includes: Tom Barnett as Edward Miller Lyriq Bent as Jake Raoul Bhaneja as Detective Sid Kirmani Raoul Bhaneja as Kirmani James Binkley as (MORE)