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Why is the marines dress blue pants a lighter color from the jacket?

Comes from a couple hundred years ago when forces would leave the  fort for patrols and take jacket off (when boss wasn't around) --  and they put the jacket in a saddle bag (MORE)

Can Medals and ribbons be worn on marine corp dress blues?

Yes, but the only ribbons you can wear are the ribbons that does not have a corresponding Medal i.e Combat Action Ribbon, Seaservice Deployment Ribbon. You can wear up to 7 me (MORE)

What color is marine corps dress blues?

Blue Dress "A" Midnight Blue coat, with red trim for enlist members (EMs) White belt with gold waitplate for EMs, Midnight Blue for Officers White cover with gold Marine (MORE)

What does the red piping on the marine dress blue uniform stand for?

The red piping comes from the Revolutionary War. At that time the US did not have money for uniforms. It was customary for Marines to take the uniforms of fallen British Troop (MORE)

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Is there regulation to wearing marine corp dress blues if no longer enlisted?

Yes there certainly are regulations. If you are a member of the reserves, you may wear the uniform on appropriate occasions. If you have retired, or been discharged on medic (MORE)