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Are Julia Louis Dreyfus and Richard Dreyfus related?

Yes, they ARE distantly related - according to more than one web  site (Jewish journal, Jew or Not Jew, and supposedly Wikipedia  too). Julia's father and Richard Dreyfuss a (MORE)

What was the Dreyfus Affair?

The Dreyfus Affair started out as a Dreyfus Case. In 1894, a group  of French officers accused Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish captain on the  French general staff, of selling mili (MORE)

When the real traitor in the Dreyfus affair was discovered what did French officials do?

refused to reopen the case    Evidence came to light in 1896-primarily through an investigation  instigated by Georges Picquart, head of  counter-espionage-identifyin (MORE)
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What were the causes and ultimate outcome of the Dreyfus Affair?

It split France into two: Army, in which it consisted of the anit-  Semites and Catholic Establishment. Then there was the civil  libertarians. Dreyfus was then declared inn (MORE)

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