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During a job interview how much information should be given about yourself before it becomes worthless drivel?

Answer . I don't like to give up everything myself. I like to answer only to the direct questions from the employer not long drawn out ones, straight to the point someth (MORE)

Why do some people answer questions with an obvious answer like buy a repair manual there are no free manuals and such drivel?

There are many times when a question about repair on a vehicle is much too complicated to attempt to explain it here. Manuals give step by step instructions for performing the (MORE)

How do you use the word drivel in a sentence?

(drivel : drool, to drool, or foolish speech) When I saw my first reality show, I knew I'd never waste time watching that drivel. The debates in Congress are often fille (MORE)
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What sound signal indicated a power drivel vessel in anchored in the fog?

This answer depends greatly on the size of the vessel at anchor. Rules of the Road. RULE 35,SOUND SIGNALS IN RESTRICTED VISIBILITY (g/f) A vessel at anchor shall at interv (MORE)