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How do you drive?

Press the gas pedal and you will go!   However, to be able to drive legally, you must be a specific age in each state. First comes a permit, then a license. To really learn (MORE)

What is a drive?

  a state of arousal A 'drive' is often referred to as a partition of a harddrive. It is anything that has data written to or read from. The 'C' drive is the most common e (MORE)

Can she drive?

Has she received a driver's licence? Is her license free of any  suspensions? Then yes, she can drive.
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What's an A drive and a C drive?

The letter used by Windows XP (ie a, b, c, d, e etc) is essentially a reference. By default, letters 'a' and 'b' are floppy drives and drive 'c' is the hard drive that the ope (MORE)
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What is a driving?

Operating motor vehicle Hitting a golf ball Driving a railroad spike into the ground
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An you drive?

Yes, I can. Anything from a run-of-the-mill passenger car up to a21 axle lowboy tractor-trailer combination.
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