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Is it drive pass or drive past?

Pass is a low area between mountains, or to move or cause to move  in a specified direction. But in your question, "pass" is a verb"  and "drive" is a verb. You cannot use t (MORE)

Do driving school teach you how to drive?

Yes, a driving school teaches you how to drive. It also requires  separate learning time with your parent or guardian.    Depending on the state that you are getting y (MORE)

What is a junk drive Flash drive?

It is a thing that you can put into a computer slot made just for junk drives a.k.a flash drives. A junk drive will transfer information from one computer to the next. You may (MORE)

What is drive-by hacking?

Drive-by hacking is when someone uses an unsecured wireless network to either gain access to that networks resources or using that internet connection for hacking into other s (MORE)

How do you do commentary driving?

(scene: driving down a through street, 35 mph, 2 lanes both directions) A red light is coming up, there's a truck on the cross street to the right, a car to my left is comin (MORE)

How do you drive on Roblox?

First, get into the vehicle. Then, select the tool (car tool for car, plane tool for plane) then press "y". You will start moving. Use the mouse to turn. To get out, jump usin (MORE)

What is a drive?

  a state of arousal A 'drive' is often referred to as a partition of a harddrive. It is anything that has data written to or read from. The 'C' drive is the most common e (MORE)

Where is the c drive and a d drive and a f drive?

  Well, the c drive is usually the first hard disk drive (hard drive for short) in your computer, with d, e, and f being additional hard drives, or at least spaces that if (MORE)