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How do you get to finaghy from drogheda?

Take road to belfast.. On way into belfast, keep an eye out for a slip road marked "Kings Hall" (it is very well signposted.. Take third exit from roundabout (3 o clock). P ( Full Answer )
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What happened at the Siege of Drogheda?

Drogheda is a town in Eastern Ireland. It was actually besieged twice: once during the Irish Rebellion in 1641 by O'Neill and his insurgents, who failed to take the town, and ( Full Answer )
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What happened in drogheda in 1649?

He landed with his 'New Model Army' on behalf of England. He passed a series of Penal laws against the roman catholics, which was most of the country, and took large amounts o ( Full Answer )
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How do you talk with a Irish drogheda accent?

any word that starts with W say wah and with the U sound say Yuh and any word like doing is like Duin so like: Wah are yuuh Duin Wuuh aare yuuh Duhin and try to sound hearty a ( Full Answer )
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Why did cromwell prove attack on Drogheda?

They were rebelling against him during the Civil War. So he went there and gave them a chance to surrender but that was soon rejected. He then attacked and killed a lot of peo ( Full Answer )
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How far is drogheda to donegal?

Drogheda to Donegal town is about 123 miles, though there are many routes you can take, some of which would be longer.
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Why did oliver cromwell kill the Irish in drogheda?

In any military siege from the middle ages to the 19th century it was normal practice to allow the besieged town to surrender and, if they did not after the first assaults, it ( Full Answer )
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Where is the town of Drogheda?

The town of Drogheda is located in County Louth on the east coast of Ireland. Drogheda is an industrial port town and is about 35 miles north of Dublin, Ireland.