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What is the difference between seigneurs and censitaires?

A seigneur is a owner of land this land is leased to the seigneur by the king of France who then tells the seigneur to lease it to habitats or censitaires. the diference is th (MORE)

What is droit administration?

Administrative law(   droit administration) is the body of law that governs the activities of administrative agencies of government. Government agency action can include ru (MORE)

Who is a seigneur?

a seingneur is person that has been given permission from the king to build land and divide it into 32 pieces and give it to the habitants who come from France.   a seig (MORE)

Where did seigneurs live in New France?

they lived on their land called Seigneuries which were usually located near the St. Lawrence river, as the river provided water, transportation, and a good fishing spot, the g (MORE)

Definition of the droit administratif law?

'le droit administratif' (administrative law) is a major set of rules within the Public Law. This is the part giving the rights and obligations of the government and administr (MORE)

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