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Is furosemide a narcotic drug?

No. It is the generic brand of Lasix. This is given to patients so they will not retain water. Most people prescribed this are elderly with heart problems.
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What are the different kinds of narcotics drugs?

Narcotic drugs range from prescription medications, to illegal  street drugs. Narcotic drugs include codeine, marijuana, morphine,  heroine, and amphetamine.
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What are the types of narcotic drug and their medical uses?

Some of the types of narcotic drug and their medical uses include  Demerol whose medical use is to treat moderate to severe pain,  Ritalin which is used to treat ADHD, Vicod (MORE)

The difference between narcotic and psychotropic drug?

Narcotic drugs are those that cause the person to experience  insensibility to pain, stupor, or go into a coma. Psychotropic  drugs are those that cross the brain and blood (MORE)
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Is caffeine a narcotic drug?

No, its a stimulate. It gives you energy for a little while and then makes you really tired. Narcotic drugs make you somewhat sleepy, dizzy.
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What is the difference between a narcotic and a controlled drug?

The term narcotic describes the effect that the drug has; it causes narcosis, which involves pain-killing, euphoria, and some degree of unconsciousness. A controlled substance (MORE)

Use of narcotic drugs how does it effect the society?

  To put it simply, narcotic drugs are a source of mind altering substances that can commonly cause hallucinations and other side effects that could lead towards mental in (MORE)

Different kinds of narcotic drugs?

An opioid is a natural or synthetic morphine-like product extracted from the poppy plant, according to Holland and Adams. This type of narcotic can be found in schedule II and (MORE)