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Is furosemide a narcotic drug?

No. It is the generic brand of Lasix. This is given to patients so they will not retain water. Most people prescribed this are elderly with heart problems.

What class drug or narcotic is morphine?

Morphine is an opiate Opiates These are substances isolated from  the opium poppy or synthetic relatives. (They are also called  opioids.) Examples: morphine codeine heroin (MORE)
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Which are the examples of narcotic drugs?

A narcotic is a drug made from or derived synthetically from opium. Examples include opium, morphine, heroin, codeine, hydrocodone, fentanyl, meperidine, oxycodone, tramadol (MORE)
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What is advantage and disadvantage of narcotics drug?

One of the advantages of narcotic drug is that when used properly  and with a prescription they can help to ease pain after surgery.  One of the biggest disadvantages of nar (MORE)
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What are the example of narcotics drug?

Narcotics are drugs that alleviate physical pain, suppress coughing, alleviate diarrhea, and induce anesthesia. Natural narcotics are derived from the Opium poppy and syntheti (MORE)
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Is caffeine a narcotic drug?

No, its a stimulate. It gives you energy for a little while and then makes you really tired. Narcotic drugs make you somewhat sleepy, dizzy.
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