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Are druids real?

Yes. Druids were a group of ancient Celtic priest-rulers that were an important part of Celtic life. Druids were and still are, practitioners of a form of Celtic Paganism. (MORE)

What do druids do?

  Unfortunately not a lot as there are no true druids alive.   A handfull of people have reinvented the culture but there are many misinterpretations of it, and many wh (MORE)
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Are druids satanic?

Certainly not. First of all the ideas of Satan where barely in existence at the time of the Druids. The Druids worshiped a gods of nature, and though which gods they worshiped (MORE)

What is a Druid?

  Druid is an ancient Celtic priest Druid was an old term used for male sorcerers/magicians. I think (though I may be wrong) it was an old Gaelic term. There would be sp (MORE)
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What is a druid wolf?

The Druid wolves are a wolf pack from the Lamar valley in Yellowstone national park. There has been a long-running story about them since 1996. You can find out more from thei (MORE)

Who is the god of the druids?

They worship more than one. Aegus Mac Og; Afallach; Aine; Aine of Knocaine; Amaethon; Anu; Balor; Bile; Boann; Bres; Brighid; Caileach; Ceridwen; Crom Dubh; Dagada; elemar; Th (MORE)

How did the Druids use mistletoe?

The Druids considered mistletoe a holy plant that protected from  evil and had great medicinal value. Mistletoe didn't begin quite so  well in Norse mythology: the arrow tha (MORE)