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What is a Druid?

Druid is an ancient Celtic priest Druid was an old term used for male sorcerers/magicians. I think (though I may be wrong) it was an old Gaelic term. There would be specific (MORE)

Who were the druids?

Druids were members of the priestly and learned classes of Western Europe, Britain and Ireland. They combined the duties of priest, scholar and teacher. The "civilization" al (MORE)

Who are the druids?

The druids were the priests of an ancient religion in much of Britain and Ireland. They worshiped nature. The druid were an ancient Celtic order of priests, diviners, magic (MORE)

What are druids?

They were ancient Celtic people who worshipped nature.They were thought to have made stonehedge but they really just worrshipped it. They also made human sacrifices. They were (MORE)

What do druids do?

Unfortunately not a lot as there are no true druids alive.. A handfull of people have reinvented the culture but there are many misinterpretations of it, and many who claim t (MORE)

Who owns druid?

a druid is probly the hardest class to kill in the game, because they can shape shift out of slowing effects, they have a faster movement speed then regular characters, and th (MORE)

How old is druids?

In world of warcraft, druids have been around since the beginning of the game, as far as i know. If you mean druids as in the real life druids, well they were around for quite (MORE)

What does druid mean?

Druids were a class of priests among the native Celtic peoples of England and Wales before the Roman conquest. The Romans came into conflict with them at the Welsh island of A (MORE)
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What druid are you?

I am a Monolithic Druid, there is one god, one main spirit but there are also many minor spirits. I am one with the Earth, one with nature and one with the animals that roam. (MORE)
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Does druid wrestle?

Well i know in smaackdown vs. raw 2011 he does when you beat all 5 road to wrestlemanias, but he actually sucks he has an overall of like 55