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What is a Druid?

  Druid is an ancient Celtic priest Druid was an old term used for male sorcerers/magicians. I think (though I may be wrong) it was an old Gaelic term. There would be sp (MORE)

Do druids still exist today?

This is another yes and no question. The original Druids, the ancient Celtic sages, do not exist today. They left no written records of themselves so we have no way of identif (MORE)

Do druids believe in angels?

Angels are a judeo-christian concept. Muslims also believe in angles. Druidism had long past before any of these religions could even be brought to them. So the answer is no, (MORE)

What are druids are they good or evil?

The druids were the priests of the Celts before Christianity. Just like any religion's priests, some were probably good and some were probably bad. The early Christians had no (MORE)

How did the Druids use mistletoe?

The Druids considered mistletoe a holy plant that protected from  evil and had great medicinal value. Mistletoe didn't begin quite so  well in Norse mythology: the arrow tha (MORE)

Are the Druids good or bad?

Druidism is an ancient Celtic religion of unknown origins that was  once practiced in what is now the British Isles and parts of  northwestern Europe, it appeared to die out (MORE)