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How do you drum?

TO drum, grab a pair of sticks and hit the drum only using your wrists. Hit the drum however you count.Example- a quarter note is worth 1 beat, so you hit the drum once, and h ( Full Answer )
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What are drums?

Drums are cylindars that are usually hollow the outter rim is usually made from wood ranging in alot of different kinds, or plastic, or even metal. they have a platic skin on ( Full Answer )
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What are the drums for?

Drums are used to keep the/ a beat in a musical rythme or song. A drummer has to be well cordinated with hand-eye cordination to play the drum set.
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What does a drum do?

A drum makes a sudden echoe noise when you hit it because it is hollow A drum helps provide a rhythm section in a band. A drum annoys people if it is banged too close to them. ( Full Answer )
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Were is the drum from?

The regular drum is from africa, and china. the drum set is from the USA.
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Who are The Drums?

they're a indie/pop band from Brooklyn, New York. they're pretty good, and similar to the cure, joy division, the smiths, Jesus and the Mary chain, and the field mice. th ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get drums?

Umm.. I would check a music store...I'm guessing garage sales would be the next best place
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What drums are there?

There are many drums. The most common are the snare and the bass drum. Others are the timpani and there are other members of the percussion family such as the bells, xylophone ( Full Answer )
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What do drums do?

Produce different sounds, and it depends on the type of drum and how you tune it.
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What about the drums?

they can be very loud. They can be very hard to play depending on the song your playing. Can cost up to over 1,500 dollars