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What does it mean to machine the brake rotors and drum brakes?

The rotors in disc brakes and the drums are what the pads and shoes rub against to stop a car. With use, the surface can get grooves in it or a build up of rust scale; reducin (MORE)

Can a washing machine leak oil into the drum during its cycle?

  yes it can. We had this happen and the washer was junked as a result. It seems that the washer is built around the "spin bearing". This bearing sits in the middle of the (MORE)

Which drum machine best for country music?

This is a very good question and interesting to note there are no answers so far. In my opinion no manufacturer has ever really tried very hard to include decent country soun (MORE)

What are drums?

  Drums are cylindars that are usually hollow the outter rim is usually made from wood ranging in alot of different kinds, or plastic, or even metal. they have a platic sk (MORE)

What is Drum machine?

A drum machine is an electronic musical instrument designed to imitate the sound of drums and/or other percussion instruments. A drum machine is normally used in situations wh (MORE)

Can you hook a drum machine to a computer?

  The answer to this question is highly dependant on your drum machine. Usually the answer is yes, some drum machines will have a usb port allowing them connect directly t (MORE)

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