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What is a drumline?

A drumline is a section of percussion instruments that is typicallyplayed as part of a musical marching ensemble such as a marchingband. Another meaning for drumline is an aqu (MORE)

The meaning of drumline?

what doyou even mean/. dude get realllzz! you play the crap outta your drum have fun and be a hard but.. you always have to have disaplin or else you won't make. drumline ma (MORE)

What is a striated drumlin?

A striated drumlin is a spoonshaped hill that was created byglacial deposition. It is striated because it will have ridgesalong the side of it that shows the direction of the (MORE)
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How are drumlins formed?

A Drumlin is a sub-glacial land form. It is a result of catastrophic flooding due to the release of melt water accumulating beneath ice sheets of regional uplift of tectonic m (MORE)
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How do you make the drumline?

First get the sheet music from your drum instructor, then get with some others already in drumline, practice and make sure your goodish, then on auditions day play with confid (MORE)

Where are drumlins common at?

The retreat of Icelandic glacier Múlajökull, which is an outlet glacier of Hofsjökull, recently exposed a 50 drumlin cluster, which serves as the basis for improved u (MORE)

What is glacial drumlin?

A drumlin is a small hill surrounded by level or relatively level land, Drumlins, which often occur in groups, are composed of dirt, rocks and other debris that is piled up an (MORE)