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What is dry?

When a woman gets sexually exited she produced a mucus in the vagina that lubricates things. However some women have more of this then others and if there is not enough it is (MORE)
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Why is dry ice called 'dry'?

Dry ice sublimates meaning it goes directly from solid to gas without going through the liquid state. This means that there is never any liquid unlike regular water ice maki (MORE)
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Why is a dry slot dry?

Normally ahead of a big storm system southerly winds drive a lot of moisture northward off of the Gulf of Mexico. We typically see a few lines of thunderstorms ahead of the st (MORE)

Why is dry ice dry and not wet?

Dry ice does not melt in to a puddle like water ice does. This is because dry ice is made of nothing more than CO2. CO2 cannot exist in liquid form under earth's atmosphere. F (MORE)

Is dry cleaning actually dry?

Carpet dry cleaning is the generic term used for a system of carpet called bonnet cleaning. Carpet dry cleaning requires some moisture to carry the chemicals in the process to (MORE)

Where is dry dry ruins?

She is a teacher who is lonely and only has a scorpion as a French with tumbleweeds and donkey kong in her and her enemy is a dusty especially the 360 swiffer duster that reac (MORE)

What to do to dry paint that won't dry?

It depends on the reason that it isn't drying. If you've painted during high humidity, or if too many coats were applied to quickly, then wait, and wait some more. eventually (MORE)
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As dry as what?

Some things are as dry as a paper plate nailed to a piece of woodon a hot day in the desert. Another way to describe dryness is toclaim that something is as dry as Oscar Wilde (MORE)