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How do you dry your shoes?

-- They actually make Dryers specifically for drying your Shoes/boots. -- Cramming newspaper into the shoes instead of a towel. The first step was to remove the insole, if pos (MORE)
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What is a dry rescue?

A rescue that does not involve getting in the water such as talking to the victim , reach , throws . These are the safest methods of rescue for the rescuer.
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Why is dry ice called 'dry'?

Dry ice sublimates meaning it goes directly from solid to gas without going through the liquid state. This means that there is never any liquid unlike regular water ice making (MORE)

Why is dry ice dry and not wet?

Dry ice does not melt in to a puddle like water ice does. This is because dry ice is made of nothing more than CO2. CO2 cannot exist in liquid form under earth's atmosphere. F (MORE)

How do you dry hydrangeas?

  Select full blooms, cut the stems at an angle. Place the stems in a vase with a few inches of water in it, with a couple drops of bleach. As the water is drawn up in (MORE)

What is a 'dry polymer'?

A dry polymer is one that is not in solution. they are used where moisture would create an issue. Sometimes dry polymer powder is added to cement so that when the cement is hy (MORE)

What is dry syrup?

Dry syrups are the mixtures that require the addition of water at the time of dispensing inadequate chemical stability of drug in aqueous vehicle to avoid the physical stabili (MORE)

What is a dry sherry?

It's a wine that can be also serve as an apertif. A fortified spanish wine from the Jerez region of southern Spain, wine ranging from very dry to sweet and from amber to br (MORE)

Have a dry nose?

I don't know if your asking for help on a dry nose but I'm going to assume. What really helps is to take a Q-tip or cotton swab (same thing) and put some Vaseline or petroleum (MORE)