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What Are Good Dry Skin Care Products on the Internet?

According to: LESLIE S. BAUMANN, M.D. DR. BAUMANN is director of cosmetic dermatology at the University of Miami. " Mineral oil is one of the most effective of the occlusive (MORE)

Is it good for you to feed your cat only dry cat food?

It is not advisable. Dry food, generally speaking, is not food appropriate for an obligate carnivore. Dry food contains no moisture, so is very dehydrating to an animal that h (MORE)

Is dry cat food good for cats?

Depending on the brand, dry food can be okay for cats. However, it is not a necessity. Dry food is more a convenience food for us, as it is easy to put in a bowl and leave f (MORE)
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Is dry wood a good conductor?

Dry wood is not a conductor. Common conductors are metallic. Some also are non-metallic such as salts, water, graphite and all plasmas.
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Is it good to eat dry roasted peanuts with diabetes?

Peanuts In general are a great source of protien.. And most do not have an exorbitant amount of carbs. About 7gram per serving.! Just keep in mind if your eating nuts that are (MORE)
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Why is dry ice called 'dry'?

Dry ice sublimates meaning it goes directly from solid to gas without going through the liquid state. This means that there is never any liquid unlike regular water ice making (MORE)

Why is dry ice dry and not wet?

Dry ice does not melt in to a puddle like water ice does. This is because dry ice is made of nothing more than CO2. CO2 cannot exist in liquid form under earth's atmosphere. F (MORE)

Is dry ice a good electrical conductor?

No, it isn't. That's why we use it to clean electrical equipements ( dry ice blasting). it can be added that is how circuit boards are tested for low temperature operation
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