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What is rampage ability in magic?

Rampage is a triggered ability on creatures and is written as  Rampage followed by a number (E.g. Rampage 2).    When a creature with rampage is blocked it, gets +X/+X (MORE)

What is a maniac?

A maniac might be a driver who isn't so great on the road, or simply someone whom (to other people) is different, or crazy. A maniac is someone who is obsessed and cant contr (MORE)

What is a dub?

A dub is $20.00 worth of weed. On average it weighs out to about 1.6 grams. It sometimes more or less depending on quality, but the term "dub," usually constitutes that someon (MORE)
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What does rampage mean?

  To get any definition, go to a search engine such as and type in the words "define rampage" or whatever you want the definition for, without the quotation mar (MORE)

What is a pronoun for maniac?

The pronoun that takes the place of the noun 'maniac' in a sentence is 'he' or 'she' as the subject, and 'him' or 'her' as the object. Examples: That maniac threw a rock thro (MORE)