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Is Cornwall good and why?

Cornwall is brilliant i would love to go and live there again. you can vist the beach but be care full for seagulls they don't do any harm but just don't feed them. you can al (MORE)
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How did Cornwall get its name?

The name Cornwall was imposed on it by the invading Germanic tribes and is a Cornish/Anglo-Saxon hybrid name, derived from the Cornish 'corn' and the Anglo-Saxon 'wealas', mea (MORE)

What is the duchy of bohemia?

It was the Kingdom of Bohemia, a country that occupied pretty much the western half of the current Czech Republic. During the Hundred Years' War, a Bohemian king called John (MORE)

Who was Lord Cornwallis?

Lord Charles Cornwallis was in command of the British southern army in Yorktown. His forces were under siege by George Washington's troops on the land side and cut off from re (MORE)
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Is there a mosque in Cornwall?

Original answer: As of November 2009, there is no formal place of  worship in Cornwall, however, the "Cornwall Asian Community Centre"  accommodates Muslim prayer. It is loc (MORE)

Can a barony be within a duchy?

A barony is within a county or duchy. I suppose it would be possible for a barony not to be so, but I have never heard of it.
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