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How far is Hershey from Lancaster PA?

28.1 miles on the route recommended by our friends at Google maps. At just under 30 miles, it should take about 40 minutes' driving time, per the MapQuest website.
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Who is the Duke of Lancaster?

The Duchy of Lancaster was created for John of Gaunt, a son of King Edward III, in the year 1362. When he died in 1399 the Duchy passed to his son, Henry Bolingbroke.. Boling (MORE)

What is the duchy of bohemia?

It was the Kingdom of Bohemia, a country that occupied pretty much the western half of the current Czech Republic. During the Hundred Years' War, a Bohemian king called John (MORE)
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What type of castle is Lancaster Castle?

Lancaster is a medieval (gothic) castle. Many castles in Great Britain were built on places of original Roman fortresses.
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Can a barony be within a duchy?

A barony is within a county or duchy. I suppose it would be possible for a barony not to be so, but I have never heard of it.
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