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What is a parole officer?

a parole officer is a person you report to when you get out of jail or prison they make sure you are acting right and getting your life on track the right way , makin sure you (MORE)

A parole packet?

Not totally sure what the questioner is referring to -BUT- it sounds like it is a description of the package of documents and regulations given to a parolee at the time of the (MORE)

Does a person not on parole have to cooperate with a parole officer in the search of a parolee?

It would be a wise idea to cooperate - if you don't, you could possibly be charged wtih Obstruction of Justice - Hindering a Police Investigation - Harboring a Fugitive - Etc. (MORE)

What is violated parole?

When released on parole from jail or prison, each inmate is given a set of requirements under which they must live while released in society. Any violation of these requiremen (MORE)

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What is parole?

  (law) a conditional release from imprisonment that entitles the person to serve the remainder of the sentence outside the prison as long as the terms of release are comp (MORE)

What is due to you?

Due is an adjective that was pronounce as (d(y)oo), Due literally  means, Expected at or planned for at a certain time. Example: The  baby's due in August.