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Why is due process of law is important?

Answer 1: Feels like a homework question (which I, for one, hate being asked here), but, what the heck, I'll bite... "Due process of law" is a phrase which refers to the pro (MORE)

When was due process created?

Due process was actually in the 39th clause of the Magna Carta which was issued in 1215. It was revised to use the words, 'due process', specifically in 1354. Due process was (MORE)

What does the due process clause require?

The due process clause requires that, except by the due process of  law, a free person should not be denied of their freedom, life or  property. In the US, the addition of t (MORE)
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Explain what is meant by due process?

Due process is a procedural safeguard to ensure that life, liberty, or property is not taken without a fair process or procedure.

What is due process of the law?

Due process involves the four chief protections and rights of the  accused. First the accused has the right to representation and a  trial by a jury. The accused has a right (MORE)

What is substantive due process?

Substantive due process uses the Fourteenth Amendment to protect fundamental liberties not enumerated in the Bill of Rights, but implied in various Amendments and considered i (MORE)

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