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What does the welsh singer 'Duffy' like?

She likes macaroni cheese in a pyrex bowl, sat on the couch with her cat meowing to the X Factor. She likes a lot of varieties of cheese. She also likes lots of cats.

How old is Jay Duffy?

Jay Duffy is 21 years old. (born April 22, 1996) He is the son of Keith Duffy (of Boyzone) and his wife Lisa Duffy nee Smith.
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Is duffy Atkins married?

Duffy Atkins is currently not married. Atkins is the meteorologist  for CLTV and has been a part of WGN-TV Weather Center Team since  August 2008.

Does duffy smoke?

  Yes every night she smoke and strips naked at the same time for the hole world to see   No im joking she does smoke though cant you tell from her voice and how she si (MORE)

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