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Is Albus Dumbledore alive?

Our top story tonight ... wizard Albus Dumbledore is still dead. Actually, he's a fictional character who never lived, so he can't really "die". But as of the last book, yes, (MORE)

How did malfoy disarm Dumbledore?

He pointed his wand at Dumbledore's and said Expelliarmus, causing the wand to fly out of his hand. He unknowingly became the master of the most powerful wand, the Elder Wand (MORE)

Why did Dumbledore want snape to kill him?

Dumbledore wanted Snape to kill him because otherwise Draco Malfoy would have had to do it, or be killed. neither of which Dumbledore wanted. Because he is already slowly di (MORE)

How old is Dumbledore?

He was born in 1881. The Harry Potter books take place in the 1990's, so he's around 110 during Harry's first year and 117 in the last book.
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What does Dumbledore leave to Ron in his will?

He left Ron his Deluminator. It was a magical object of his own design that would put out light and store it to be released again at a later time. It also had other powers tha (MORE)

Why did Dumbledore ask snape to kill him?

if you have read the deathly hollows book it explains why. the ring that he had in the order of phoenix on his desk was a horcrux and he had destroyed it causing it to curse h (MORE)