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Why was Dunkirk a diaster?

  I belive it was due to the attack of all the Germans and the British would've got wiped out but for hundreds of little boats who rescued most of them. However due to Dun (MORE)

Were American soldiers in the Battle of Dunkirk?

  No American troops were involved in Dunkirk. The evacuation at Dunkirk took place at the end of the Battle of France in 1941 and involved French and British Expeditionar (MORE)

Who was fighting in Dunkirk?

The British were trapped on the beaches, Dunkirk was the only evacuation port available. The Germans had the British at bay, but over 330 000 got away, British, French, Belgia (MORE)

Why did Dunkirk was a fail for British?

Dunkirk was a failure in the largest sense because the British Army was being ejected from the mainland of Europe. Along with the French, they had been beaten and were unable (MORE)

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What caused the evacuation of Dunkirk?

The year was 1940. The Germans were advancing into France. The French were fighting but the British devised the fight was futile. Saving soldiers was the decision as to have f (MORE)

Where in Scotland is Dunkirk?

There is no place called Dunkirk in Scotland. The most famousDunkirk is in France and there a number of small places in Englandcalled Dubkirk, but none in Scotland.
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