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What is the durability of the M16?

while the m16 has held out quite well in the deserts of iraq and the jungles of vietnam it does have some issues, for one, the stock is made out of plastic, which means that i (MORE)
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How durable are scion?

Very. I am hard on cars because I live in the desert off a dirt road. My Xb handles it like a champ. The only problem I ever have is replacing broken skirting.

Is PVC durable?

PVC pipes are strong and durable, yet flexible enough to bend without breaking, allowing them to endure earth movement.

What is durability in computers?

Durability in computers means how long it will last or is able to perform over time.. In reality a computer has its years numbered meaning that after it leaves the factory it (MORE)
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How is a diamond durable?

Diamond mineral is the hardest natural mineral on earth, which makes it the most durable of any mineral.

Are dvds durable?

There are widely varying qualities of DVDs. Also, how a DVD ishandled and stored has a major effect on how long they last. Eventhe best disks, handled and stored carefully may (MORE)