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What is Durable Medium?

paper or any instrument which enables the recipient to store information addressed personally to him in a way accessible for future reference for a period of time adequate for (MORE)

What Does Durability Means?

it means how long somone or something can do something. for an example, the average duribility of attention for an average American is 30 minutes   From a mechanical engin (MORE)

What are durable crops?

Durable crops are those which are able survive harsh conditions  like excessive heat, lack of rainfall, or poor soil conditions.  They require minimal maintenance, while pro (MORE)

Is iron durable?

pure iron rusts too rapidly and crumbles, however many iron alloys  can be very durable. Iron is a pretty cool element, though, still.
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What is durability in computers?

Durability in computers means how long it will last or is able to perform over time.. In reality a computer has its years numbered meaning that after it leaves the factory it (MORE)