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Can Durex condoms break easily?

I had 2 of them break in the last week. I'll never buy these again! I am another guy claiming breakage from Durex condoms... I also had two Durex condoms break in the last 1 (MORE)
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How do you use Durex Play Vibrations?

Step 1.Open the package of Durex Play Vibrations. These are rings to place over a semi-erect penis to arouse and stimulate both you and your partner. Step 2.Put a condom on. (MORE)
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What is durex play?

durex play TM is a range of products that are aimed to enhance satisfaction using high frequency vibrations on a ring around the penis.

How do you use durex play?

Durex Play is a sexual lubricant that can be used just about any way one can imagine. It is safe for all skin types and can be used anywhere on the body, it is also safe to in (MORE)

How do you use durex play ultra?

The Durex Play Ultra is a vibrating ring that is placed on thegenitals for stimulation. It is reusable and can be purchased atmost pharmacies like Rite Aid or Wal-Mart.
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Is durex a word?

Yes, it's a brand of condoms. It's also the name of an Australian brand of tape.

Why are durex called french letters?

French letter is a slang term, first used in the late nineteenth century, for condom. May be the general idea of the envelope keeping back fluids was at the origin of the idea (MORE)
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Are durex condom's spermicidal lubricant?

Some are and some aren't but if the package doesn't say spermicidal lubricant, assume it's not and get your own. It's over the counter in most drugstores in the U.S.
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Who is the redhead in in the durex ad?

The name of the actress with red hair in the Durax ad is not listedonline. Unfortunately, ads don't have credits that roll after theyair.