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Characteristic of durian?

Durian is a fruit that has many distinguishing characteristics. One  major characteristic of this fruit is its pungent odor. For many,  this is what causes them to either lo (MORE)

What is durian candy?

Regarded as the king of fruits by many people of southeast Asia, the durian's strong distinctive and penetrating odor has been variously described as pleasantly fragrant, or d (MORE)

Where can you buy durian?

You can buy durian all over Malaysia and Indonesia, but if that's not an option, you can probably find durians at any store that sells Malaysian or Indonesian produce.
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What season is a durian from?

Durian is an historical fruit where lives and grow in somewhere,  like forest and moderate temperature. Durian also conclude as the  most bad odor fruit in the whole world, (MORE)
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What is the explication for DURIAN?

A durian is an oval shaped spiny fruit, containing a smelly but tasty pulp. It is grown in the tropics, or other areas with similar temperatures and climate.
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What is durian?

A durian is a fruit tree that grows in Asia. The fruits can grow 12  inches long and are 6 inches in diameter. It has a pleasant  fragrance and is favored by some. Others do (MORE)