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What is the Dutch language?

The Dutch language is a Germanic language mainly spoken in the Netherlands, northern Belgium (Flanders), Suriname and the Dutch Antilles. Small pockets of Dutch speakers also (MORE)

Is there a big Difference between Dutch and German language?

Dutch and German are not mutually intelligible, due to various sound changes that occurred more than 1600 years ago. Both languages have experienced multiple of these changes, (MORE)

Is Dutch a hard language to learn?

Dutch is a very hard language to learn. Most people think it's like  German but it's not. I'm a native speaker and I know many English  people and I try to learn them a litt (MORE)

In what South American country is Dutch the official language?

Suriname is the South American country in which Dutch is the official language. Specifically, Suriname is South America's smallest independent country. It used to be a col (MORE)

When did dutch become official written language of Netherlands?

i don't think that is clear. i think ever since the Netherlands were separated from flanders in 1586, dutch was the official language. this implies that you are talking about (MORE)

Is Dutch an English language?

There is only one "English language" and that's English. English and Dutch belong to a family of languages known as the Germanic languages. These also include German (obviou (MORE)

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