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What is DVB-SIPSI?

A DVB SIPSI is a unit installed between the multiplex output and the modulator for terrestrial television in the UK. It takes in two feeds one containing audio and video en (MORE)

What dvb-t channels in Luxembourg?

from, the largest Television/Radio station which is also involved in testing DVB-T. - RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg (Kanal 27) - den 2ten RTL (K27) - M6 (F) (K7) (MORE)
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What is Digital Video Broadcasting or DVB?

Digital Video Broadcasting, or DVB is an accepted format for television broadcasting signals. There is a worldwide consortium that has patented the technology behind the vario (MORE)
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What exactly is a DVB T used for?

The proper technical abbreviation is "DVB-T". This means Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial. DVB-T is used a European based consortium standard that defines the broadcast (MORE)