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Can you save DVDs to a DVD hdd player?

yes. I use some DVD copying software. I recommend you DVDFab DVD Copy. I think it is good. It backups DVD to hard disc in the form of DVD folder or ISO image file so that one (MORE)

Why are portable DVD player are good?

"Because you are going to be able to take the DVD's to the road instead of being stuck at home. But smart phones are even better." Smart phones are "better" if you like to w (MORE)

How long can you leave a DVD in a DVD player?

Theoretically indefinitely. The disc is only spun only when it's being read/accessed, so no damage can be done to the player from this side. THERE IS, however, a possibility, (MORE)

Do HD DVDs play on a DVD player?

  Answer   I'm not ENTIRELY sure, But, Since the HD-DVD player requires the small wavelength of a blue lazer to read the disk, I'm assuming that normall DVD players w (MORE)

Can you play a HD DVD in a DVD player?

HD DVD discs can only be played in an HD DVD player. A standard DVD  player will not recognize the disc. HD DVD is no longer  manufactured with Bluray becoming the single HD (MORE)

Do DVD players wear out?

Inasmuch as any digital device does, yes. However, in case of all laser devices (like CD/DVD/BRDVD players and CD/DVD computer devices), there is also the problem with lasers (MORE)