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How and When does dwarfism present itself in the body?

I've known two children with dwarfism, a girl in my church and my godson (whose mom also has dwarfism). With both of them it was fairly apparent by the time they were two, o (MORE)

What is dwarfism?

Dwarfism occurs when an individual person or animal is short in stature. It is caused by slow or delayed growth and resulting from malnutrition or a hormonal abnormality. It c (MORE)
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Can dwarfism be prevented?

Dwarfism is a genetic disorder caused by a lack of a series of chemicals which come together to form human growth hormone. It can't be prevented, but can be lessened by HGH th (MORE)

How do you prevent dwarfism?

It is not possible to prevent dwarfism because most types are  caused by genetic conditions. The most common form is called  achondroplasia in which a parent passes on a mut (MORE)

What are the characteristics of dwarfism?

Dwarfism is a condition in which people experience smaller than  normal growth. Some of the characteristics of dwarfism are limbs  and body parts that are proportionally cor (MORE)