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What is dye?

A dye is a coloring that binds to the substrate. The dye chemicallyreacts with the substance, becoming a permanent part of it.

What dye do you use for tie dye?

You can use food coloring grape juice and cool aid to dye fabric. Food coloring does NOT work on cotton but works semi well on woolcanvas and silk. You can use cool aid though (MORE)
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What is dyeing?

dying your hair is when you change the color of your hair. so say your hair is blonde, then you can dye your hair a color either a shade lighter or darker or you can do a bold (MORE)

What is a dye?

Dye is color made from plants and bark, used to dye fabrics. Tie dye is a form of painting tie-dyed T-shirts; the owner twists the shirt, then uses various colors of dye to (MORE)

What is in dye?

Dyes are colored unsaturated organic chemical compounds which contain chromophre groups and capable to giving color.The process by which a textile material is changed the mate (MORE)
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How do you dye egg with natural dyes?

Dyeing with natural dyes is not much different that dyeing with chemical dyes--you put the egg into the dye solution, and then leave it in until the egg has changed color suff (MORE)

Where do you get dye from?

Go to Draynor and talk to the witch and ask her about dyes. She will tell you how to make them. There are three main types of dyes; yellow, blue, and red. To get more colo(u)r (MORE)

What dyes can be used to do tie dye?

For a colorfast tie dye a fiber reactive dye is needed such as Procion Dye from the Dharma Trading Company. Rit dye can be used but is not fiber reactive and not colorfast an (MORE)
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Can you dye your contacts with food dye?

yes they will dye but its not very safe you might have an unsafe reaction but if you dye then soake them in solution to make sure ther is no leftover food coloring dyeing your (MORE)