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What is dynamic line?

they appear to move.these are curved and twisted lines or repeated drawings of slanted lines.

What is dynamic RAM?

It is a memory device consisting of MOSFET and capacitor. It is used to store the data temporarily.
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What is dynamics in music?

Dynamics are how loud or quiet you play in music. Examples of dynamics include: Pianissimo, pp: Very soft Piano, p: Soft Mezzo piano, mp: Moderately soft Mezzo forte, (MORE)

What is dynamic routing?

Routing refers to the process of moving packets of information across a network. Static and dynamic routing are the two types of routing algorithms used for this transfer of i (MORE)

What is vehicle dynamics?

Vehicle dynamics are the things that are consider the dynamics of vehicles. It is a part of engineering primarily based on mechanics.
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What is a dynamic language?

A dynamic language is a language that displays text in a dynamic, non-static, manner, without having to change the source of a file; dynamic languages can also perform a numbe (MORE)

What is dynamic constructor?

In Java classes we can declare multiple constructors. The JVM would dynamically decide which constructor to invoke based on the parameters passed from the calling class. Ex (MORE)

What is the difference between dynamical and dynamic?

dynamic: characterized by action or forcefulness or force of personality; "a dynamic market"; "a dynamic speaker"; "the dynamic president of the republic" dynamical: refers to (MORE)

What is dynamic security?

Dynamic security is a role of the prison officer for normal  activities, movement of individuals and official visits. Dynamic  security must also be backed by a serious disc (MORE)