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Translate the doctor's language into common English there is evidence of neurological impairment with dysesthesia and mylogical deficit?

Answer . It might help to get this translated if there weren't so many misspelled words:. "There is evidence of neurological impairment with Dysesthesia and Myological De ( Full Answer )
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How is the pain of dysesthesias described?

The pain or abnormal sensations in dysesthesias is often described as painful feelings of tingling, burning, or numbness. Dysesthesias can simply be described as a burning pai ( Full Answer )
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What are dysesthesias?

Dysesthesias are "bad sensations" and the word refers to pain or uncomfortable sensations, often described as burning, tingling, or numbness.
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What is migrating dysesthesias uncertain etiology?

Dysesthesia means abnormal sensation. Migrating means that they move. Etiology is the cause, and uncertain has the same meaning as in lay language. So, in sum, migrating dyses ( Full Answer )