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What is endothelial dysfunction?

  Endothelial Dysfunction   Endothelial dysfunction is a process in which the endothelium secretes substances that promote atherosclerotic plaque build-up rather th (MORE)
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What is dysfunction?

It is the damage caused by alcohol, drugs, refined sugar etc cause to the brain; it impairs the functions of the brain.

What are the dysfunction of bureaucracy?

In general, bureaucracy becomes dysfunctional when it ceases to be flexible and instead becomes bogged down in red tape and overly rigid interpretations of the laws and polici (MORE)

What is brain dysfunction?

As the name suggests brain dysfunction means conditions where the brain is not functioning properly. It may be damage to the brain due to prolonged labour causing cerebal pals (MORE)

What is a dysfunctional gait?

Inman's Hypothesis: "The human body, if not influenced markedly by internal or external factors, will integrate the motion of the various segments of the body and control th (MORE)

What is the dysfunction of grades?

The dysfunction of grades often refers to diastolic heart failure and the levels within the condition. The four basic levels define the severity of the disease.
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What is a dysfunctional conflict?

A dysfunctional conflict is one where people's egos are too involved, where one or both parties believe they must be right at all costs, where the result is a decline in meani (MORE)