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What vegetable can cause erectile dysfunction?

There are no vegetables that cause erectile dysfunction. There are vegetables that can help prevent ED, such as red fruits and vegetables. Lycopene, which is the agent that ma (MORE)

What are remedy for erectile dysfunction?

The best erectile dysfunction remedy will depend (as you'd expect!) on the underlying cause. Physical causes are common. There are many medications that can cause erectile d (MORE)

How do you improve erectile dysfunction?

Improve is the right word to use, I don't know that there's much out there that would outright cure Erectile dysfunction. Depends a bit too on the causes. Here's a few good (MORE)
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What is endothelial dysfunction?

  Endothelial Dysfunction   Endothelial dysfunction is a process in which the endothelium secretes substances that promote atherosclerotic plaque build-up rather th (MORE)

Remedy for erectile dysfunction?

There are many possible causes of erectile dysfunction: -Diabetes -Hypertension -Atherosclerosis -Stress, anxiety or depression -Alcohol and tobacco use -Some presc (MORE)

What are the dysfunction of bureaucracy?

In general, bureaucracy becomes dysfunctional when it ceases to be flexible and instead becomes bogged down in red tape and overly rigid interpretations of the laws and polici (MORE)