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What is dzogchen?

Dzogchen is a concept in Tibetan Buddhism and Bön (a Tibetan native religion). It relates to the "beginners mind" and the instantaneous awareness during satori of Zen Buddhis (MORE)
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What is the essence of Dzogchen Buddhist meditation?

In "Twenty Short Tantras of Shang-shung" (rGyud bu chung bcu gnyis, s6, p172, 1) said about nature of meditation: . "In real sense there is nothing to meditate about" (MORE)
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What has the author Dzogchen Ponlop written?

Dzogchen Ponlop has written: 'Turning Towards Liberation' 'Profound View, Fearless Path' 'Rebel Buddha' -- subject(s): Doctrines, Buddhism, RELIGION / Buddhism / General (MORE)