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What is the difference between CC and Bcc in E-mail?

Cc stands for carbon copy and it means that whoever name appears after the Cc: will get a copy of the message. People who receive the mail can see who else is getting the copy (MORE)

Mrs Nita Ambani and Mr Mukesh Ambani e mail id?

Shame on nita,mukesh, tina, & anil ambani, they are not there to help this world, they are there to fill their pockets. Shame on them,
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How do you get a E-mail address?

where do you want to get you E-mail? yahoo, hotmail. aol? type in at google where ever you want it like as an exaple: yahoo mail, or they should ask if you want (MORE)

Which type of service supports E-mail?

communications services. The oldest and still the most frequently used network communications services are mail services, which coordinate the storage and transfer e-mail betw (MORE)

What is Ayumi Hamasaki's E-mail address?

  Her email address is AyumiHamasaki@ you have to look hard to get the answers you want   Her email address is AyumiHamasaki@ you have to look h (MORE)

What is kim hyung jun e mail address?

I doubt he would let it out to other people. :) Contact the agency or address for fan mail. :)
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