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How do i Recover deleted e mails?

dont delete them You can try to find and recover your emails with Easy Mail Recovery software. The program uses original algorithms that assist in the recovery of a maximu (MORE)

How do you get a E-mail address?

where do you want to get you E-mail? yahoo, hotmail. aol? type in at google where ever you want it like as an exaple: yahoo mail, or they should ask if you want (MORE)

What is e-mail used for?

It's used to send mail to other people through the Internet without having to write a letter and give it to the mailman...
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What are some advantages of E-mail over regular mail?

The first advantage of e-mail over regular mail is that it reaches at lightning speed to the receiver's end thereby saving enormous time consumed in regular mail. Any letter s (MORE)

What are the dangers of using E-mail?

getting spamgetting email's from people you don't even knowsomeone sends you a hurtful and hateful Email that makes you upsetsomeone could send you inappropriate emails you ca (MORE)

Explain the use of the E - mail?

The use of E-Mail, which stands for Electronic Mail. Is used to transmit messages which sometimes include images, sounds or videos. These E-Mails can also have attachments, 'a (MORE)

What is e-mail?

Answer   Email is a system where you can send messages to your friends or send photos of your trips.   E-mail is a electronic mail, its very suitable example for netwo (MORE)

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