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What is an eagle?

The Eagle is a very large bird of prey. It's related to the falcon.Its Colors are brown and white. They have keen eye site for catching their prey.Eagles often nest on mountai (MORE)
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What are eagles?

Eagles are large, powerfully built birds of prey, with a heavy head and beak. Even the smallest eagles, like the Booted Eagle ( Aquila pennata ) (which is comparable in size t (MORE)

Why were the Philadelphia eagles called the eagles?

The eagles first name was the frankfort yellow jackets but the eagles first owner bert bell liked the name eagles better so in 1936 he changed the name to the philadelphia eag (MORE)
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What is an a eagle?

Leslie Brown, the famous ornithologist who specialised in studying raptors and in particular eagles, describes an eagles as being a bird of prey belonging to none of the other (MORE)
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What will eagle do?

They can kill you when they will attack you. It is the same for the hawks. So when you find any eagles or hawks, save yourself.
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How are the Eagles?

the eagles are long with big haws and a huge beak. they always sit down on the perch and then fly to the ground to capture its prey.
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Is the golden eagle the largest eagle?

No, per the link provided below, in NORTH AMERICA, the Bald Eagle is larger. I saw a link somewhere, comparing Harpy Eagles with Philippine Eagles, and there ensued a discuss (MORE)
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How do eagles have a baby eagle?

Eagles breed via sexual reproduction so the male eagle and the female eagle mate. Once they have mated, they build a large nest made mostly of sticks called an eyrie. Since ea (MORE)