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Who are the target market for lonsdale?

Since Lonsdale was originally set up to become a company that sold  boxing equipment (and it was founded by an ex-boxer), I would think  that it's target market was sportspe (MORE)

What are earls and dukes?

Earls and dukes are titles of the aristocracy in Europe. Although the hierarchy varies between countries, the order of precedence in the UK is: Duke Marquis Earl Viscount Ba (MORE)

What is an Earl of Warwick?

"Earl of Warwick" is a noble title in the United Kingdom, first created in 1088. The line of title has died out and been created anew three times since then. The current Ear (MORE)
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Who is Earl Manigault?

  He was one of the greatest street basketball players to ever play the game. His legend grew in New York. He was 6 foot 2 but had incredible leaping ability. He was known (MORE)

What did an earl do?

They did not work, as they were of the Noble classes. Dukes and Earls did preside over their properties however, and spent some time looking after the affairs associated with (MORE)

What does Earl mean?

The name Earl is from Old English eorl for a nobleman, warrior, or prince. The name based on the English title was used as an equivalent of the French comte meaning Count. Als (MORE)
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What is the feminine of Earl?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses  gender specific nouns for male or female.    There is no equivalent title of Earl for a female, as u (MORE)