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Who did the vikings trouble in the early middle ages?

The Vikings raided all along the coasts of Western Europe, and up navigable rivers. They especially raided England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and France, but they went as far (MORE)

The dates of early middle ages period?

The most commonly used dates for the Early Middle ages are 476 to 1000. I have also seen 476 to 1066 and 500 to 1066. I have seen a number of dates for the beginning of the (MORE)

What was the churches impact on the education in the early middle ages?

Most, but not all, of the early schools were operated by Church organizations, and monks, nuns, and priests also were tutors to children of the nobility. Some of the early sch (MORE)

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Why are the early middle ages referred to as the dark ages?

Because there were so many knights!   Actually it has to do with the fact that not very many manuscripts or records were documented, as there was a famine of literacy. O (MORE)

What was the largest group of monks in Europe in the early Middle Ages?

For many hundreds of years the only group of monks across Europe were the Benedictines, who followed the Rule of St Benedict (written in the 6th century AD). They were always (MORE)

Why is the Early middle age offten called the Dark Ages?

Following the fall of the Western Roman Empire, a great decrease occurred in the amount of literature, art, and architecture produced. A temporary reversal occurred during the (MORE)

What countries were in Britain in the Early Middle Ages?

During the Middle Ages, Britain went through a series of changes, with new countries being started up and either uniting with others or dying out. When the Romans left Britai (MORE)

What are the important developments of the Early Middle Ages?

Advances in science and technology of the period called the Dark Ages, from the 5th to 10th centuries, included the invention or introduction into Europe of the following: Th (MORE)