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Do walks count as earned runs?

  Generally yes...if a pitcher walks a batter and he comes around to score, that is an earned run against the pitcher, unless he scores on an error   Bases loaded walks (MORE)
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What is the average earnings on the PGA?

I checked the ESPN PGA money leaders webpage for 2009 and did a quick average and came up with about $854,000 average and a median of $549,000 for the 260 players listed. This (MORE)

How much money does the average woman earn per dollar the average man earns?

    Answer     The answer varies depending on who you include in the statistics.     When considering all 145 million income earners in the US, the me (MORE)

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How much money does an average CEO earn?

  "How Much Does An Average CEO Earn"?     There is a wide range of CEOs out their, the salary depends on the individual executive. The span of CEO earnings can (MORE)

Do walks count in earned run average?

it depends. If the bases were loaded and a batter walked, that would effect the earned run average. But if a batter walked but it did not effect the score, it would not effect (MORE)