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Who invented earplugs?

The first recorded use of wax earplugs is in the Odyssey, wherein Odysseus's crew used wax earplugs to avoid being distracted by the Sirens' songs. The Iliad, and the Odyssey (MORE)
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Can earplugs make you feel dizzy?

I'm thinking the earplugs pressing against the ear canal can do it because I have been getting dizziness and headaches the past couple days when I put in/take out/adjust my pl (MORE)
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Are earplugs edible?

Definitely not, unless it was made of food. If you still want to eat them, knock yourself out. I just found this on Google and thought it was quite funny that someone would (MORE)
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Where can one purchase 'Edublogs' earplugs?

Most shop sell Edublogs earplugs. You can also buy them online from shops such as Amazon or BestBuy. Other sites would be Comfyearplugs, Allearplugs and Snorestore.

Is it illegal to wear earplugs while driving?

Most stats don't mention the plugs, but a few states write laws tomake extra revenue IMO. Most motorcyclist understand that windnoise will destroy a riders hearing and that we (MORE)