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Why are we on earth?

One answer: Because Satin tricked eve into tricking adom intoeating that cursed apple and now we get to face the punishment, butsoon get to enjoy everlastiing life in heaven o (MORE)

Why is there a earth?

It was just another planet created from rocks colliding, but planet Earth is the perfect distance from the sun to make it not too cold and not too hot. This condition is ideal (MORE)
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What was the earth?

The Earth is a planet in our solar system and the third planet fromthe sun. The Earth is the only planet within our solar system thatcan support life.

What did the earth do?

What did the Earth do?! Boy you must be trippin! This Earth, our home planet has done a multiple of things yo! She's given us the air we breathe! The h2o we drink! Look around (MORE)

Why do you have Earth?

The question should be, "Why do WE have Earth?" My answer to that is because we are VERY, VERY,VER-R-R-R-Y lucky indeed. Honestly it would take at least 45 mins. to an hour in (MORE)

What is in the earth?

There are several things that are found in the earth. Some of theminclude the atmosphere, plants, animals, oceans, mountains and somuch more.
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What does earth do?

Earth is a place in which gives many species a place to live, grow, and prosper.