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What is Earthbound?

Earthbound is the second game in the Mother seires comprised of Earthbound Zero, Earthbound, and Earthbound II (Mother, Mother II, and Mother III in Japan) In the second title (MORE)

What console is Earthbound on?

Earthbound is on Nintendo's Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is also on the Gameboy Advance as a compilation of Earthbound and the previous game Mother(Japan only). The (MORE)

What are earthbound immortals?

They are basically the dark signer's special monster like they signer's stardust dragon, red dragon archfiend, and black rose dragon. They all are similar in a way; they requi (MORE)

What are the earthbound immortals?

Ultra Rare cards in Yu-Gi-Oh 5D! they may have low atk or def but the effect change it ALL Must have for all people who want to put pressure on them the entire time they can e (MORE)

Can you get earthbound for NES?

Yes sites like amazon and eBay always have them for sale, but that's if you have money to spare because its quite expensive because of its rarity, its cheaper just to download (MORE)